Workspace User Guide - The Basics

• Every Workspace page represents a concept - a person, place, event, product or other thing.
• Concepts represent nouns, so all words you use get converted - even the verbs.
• A fact is just a connection - it connects one concept to another.
Beth is a conversational agent that listens to your comments.
• Your comment can be a search or a question. It can also be a request to change facts if you have Editor permissions.
• A properly-formatted English comment creates, changes or deletes a connection (your fact).

Concept views

• A Knowledge Card describes a concept in terms of other concepts and lists each of its facts.
• A Context Graph provides a graphical view of a concept's important relationships.

Conversation views

• A Concept Stream displays comments made about the current concept by you, Beth, and other editors and users.
• A User Stream shows the conversation between you and Beth as you travel amongst the concepts of your knowledge graph.



~ English Editing Comments

• Addressed to Beth. Or instead use I assert or just ia (shorthand).
• Of the form subject ~ verb phrase ~ object - in that order.
• Subject - since it's the subject of the page, you can optionally use she, they, it, this...
Verb phrase - the section in the middle that has a verb in it. Something like is a, is connected to, married...
Object - the word, name or ID of the concept you want to connect to.
• Use NOT to remove an existing fact.

Some Examples

• beth this is a knowledge graph tool
• I assert that this depends on GraphBase
• beth, this is connected to natural language understanding
• ia this does not use RDF

Use Concept IDs for tricky concepts

• beth, they are a @3782~167
• ia Workspace is a @3782~272

Creating new concepts

If you have Editor permissions, use the Edit menu option. If you choose the New Concept option, it will be created beneath the one you've currently selected.

Editing existing concepts

If you have Editor permissions, you can edit any of the concepts your organization has added. The simplest method is to use the Edit Concept menu option.

Alternatively, you can use a English editing comment.

Add a label by using (say)...
• beth this is also called a widget

Change the text in a name or digest by using (say)...
• I assert lorem ipsum should read lorem gypsum
Beth also understands many variations of these assertion comments. To prevent unexpected edits, text to be replaced must be five characters or more.




Best practice

Humans can only understand and absorb new knowledge that they can hold in short-term memory, so keep your concepts small. You want every user query to come back with a single digestible answer.

If a concept can't be described in one or two paragraphs, its scope is too broad. And don't give your concept too many facts. For example, a "laptop" concept with a 1000 models and their configurations is just a meaningless list with little semantic value. Better to use a meaningful description with a narrow scope like (say) "Lenovo business laptop" that you can attach fewer facts to.


If you're new to knowledge graphs and you're looking for a comprehensive step-by-step guide this article is a good reference.